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Locally Owned (AND Operated)

Military and Student Discounts

Great Support

Content Filtering for Families

No data caps!

Are your neighbors interested?

The more people we get to sign up in a given area, the more likely we are to expand there! So get your neighbors involved and get them to sign up too!

Connecting Rural to Urban

We get it: None of the big ISPs care about those in rural areas that cannot receive what is classified as “broadband” internet. Turris Lumen utilizes state-of-the-art wireless technology to connect our friends and family in rural communities to the ever-expanding internet! Whether enabling people to work remotely from home, building a smart home, or simply allowing communication to loved ones over video chats, our goal is to make this a possibility!

Cheap Installation

We wish installation could be free, but we have to pay our employees somehow. Plus, the equipment isn't free either. Regardless, we will work with you if installation costs are a concern!

No Contracts

Contracts are annoying. Why should you sign them? Yep, we couldn't think of a good reason either. Our prices are guaranteed on a year-to-year basis too, so no need to worry about them jumping mid-year

No Data Limits*

We hate data limits. With as much technology as we have these days, you should not be limited in how much you can use! So, why should we limit you?